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15 Pop Culture Jack O'Lanterns That You Wish You Made Yourself

How do you make a pumpkin more delightful? Carve in your favorite fandom. After that, you'll be happier than Dracula at a blood bank! And just as happy as a person calling GEICO customer service.

1. "Brace yourself, Halloween is coming."

2. Gourd of the Rings

3. Where the Wild 'Kins Are

4. Star Wars Episode I: The Pumpkin Menace

5. May the gourds be ever in your favor!

6. Totoro'lantern

7. Super Squash Brothers

8. World 'O Gordcraft

9. Jack Skellington: The Pumpkin King

10. The Time Gourd will save us!

11. Pumpkin carvings are a SCREAM!

12. Wing-gourd-ium Leviosa!

13. Starry Starry Vine

14. A Maze of Ghosts and Gourds

15. Who lives on a pumpkin under the sea?

And now this Halloween, you'll be happier than Dracula volunteering at a blood drive.

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