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13 Organizational Hacks Your Roommates Will Thank You For

If you want good roommate karma, always replace the toilet paper roll. And if you want to save money on renter's insurance, switch to GEICO!

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2. Use an app like Homeslice to make sure everyone does their share of the household chores.

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Homeslice helps you keep track of bills, chores, and household supplies: the golden trinity of Things Roommates Argue About.

5. Make sure everyone has their own personalized mug to drink from.

We've all faced a mountain of mugs and glasses in the sink. Having assigned glassware will save you time and energy (and it's good for a few chuckles).

6. You can synchronize a central household shopping list across multiple phones with the OurGroceries app.

If someone picks up salt at the grocery store, they can remove it from the communal list with just one tap. Now you know not to buy salt! Because two salts = unnecessary.

8. Use labels to make sure everyone knows what's up with the dishwasher.

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Dishwashers can be contentious. Why not have a drama-free dishwasher instead?

10. Get command hooks to give everyone their own shower caddy.

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Knocking over four bottles of shampoo when you reach for the soap can get a little annoying, to say the least...

13. Set up a schedule so every roommate has the place to themselves once a month!

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There's no feeling quite like being home alone. And you'll love each other even more once you've had a break!

When it comes to roommates, there is an unspoken code that we all adhere to. Just ask these tiny animals:

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