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17 Local Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Washington, D.C.

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2. Decorate your home with a punny (and patriotic!) needlepoint from Despicable We.

Courtesy of Despicable We /

"There's no place like dome. There's no place like dome. There's no place like dome."

*wakes up in the Capitol Building*

6. This salvaged wood decoration from Old Line Salvage Co. will spruce up your wall with a little rustic charm.

Courtesy of Old Line Salvage Co /

That's the thing about the DMV. It can be so many things: urban, sophisticated, rustic, rural. It has it all!

17. Give a nod to D.C.'s rich political history with this very accurate T-shirt from Jon Wye.

Remember when Abraham Lincoln shot lasers out of his eyes while a bear rode him? That was cray.

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