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17 Local Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Washington, D.C.

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1. Get a beautiful print of your favorite neighborhood from Victory Dance Creative.

Courtesy of Victory Dance Creative /
Courtesy of Victory Dance Creative /
Courtesy of Victory Dance Creative /

Petworth, Dupont Circle, Chinatown — you name it!

2. Decorate your home with a punny (and patriotic!) needlepoint from Despicable We.

Courtesy of Despicable We /

"There's no place like dome. There's no place like dome. There's no place like dome."

*wakes up in the Capitol Building*

3. Tell it like it is with a "dope" hoodie from District of Clothing.

2, Laura Metzler /

A vibrant city, people of all walks of life, and the Chesapeake Bay? D.C. is dope all right.

4. Light a fire in your heart with these D.C. matches from Handmade Habitat.

2, Courtesy of Handmade Habitat /

If you've survived a summer in the DMV, then you know it's too hot to handle!

5. Then dig in with a vintage fork with the Capitol on it, courtesy of GiosGems1.

2, Courtesy of Sarah from GiosGems1 /

(But don't actually dig in! That's a collectible.)

6. This salvaged wood decoration from Old Line Salvage Co. will spruce up your wall with a little rustic charm.

Courtesy of Old Line Salvage Co /

That's the thing about the DMV. It can be so many things: urban, sophisticated, rustic, rural. It has it all!

7. These dish towels from Open Eyes Press will remind you of home. (Or of what home tastes like, actually...)

2, Courtesy of Open Eyes Press /

DMV Crab is delicious. That is all.

8. Get this D.C. flag bowtie for your dog from Winthrop Clothing Co.

Courtesy of Winthrop Clothing Co /

Then get him to run for office! A dog in a bow tie wins any day of the week.

9. Time and space blend beautifully in this D.C. map art wall clock from ArtnWalls.

3, Courtesy of ArtnWalls /

So you can tell time and see where you're heading.

10. Get a shirt that celebrates D.C. food from 237 Inc.

2, Courtesy of 237inc /

Real talk: The DMV has every type of food you can think of. It's delicious and authentic and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

11. Wear your D.C. stars and stripes around your neck with pride, courtesy of Rachel Pfeffer Designs.

2, Courtesy of Rachel Pfeffer Designs /

Then go get a cupcake. Because D.C. cupcakes are delicious.

12. Write an entry about how much you love your home in this D.C.-inspired journal from EG Paperie.

2, Courtesy of EG Paperie /

Then carry it around to help give directions to tourists. ;)

13. Wear a shirt from Rockets Are Red that reminds you of your favorite commute.

Courtesy of Rockets Are Red /

Unless it's a day when they're single-tracking. Then this shirt will make you angry.

14. Snaz it up with these District of Columbia cufflinks shaped like old metro tokens, from Whoop.

2, Courtesy of Whoop /

For a little adventure, try using them to actually get in the metro.

15. Rest your head on the stars and stripes of your home sweet home, with this pillow from Annie Grace Knits.

Courtesy of Annie Grace Knits /

Then read a book about where those stars and stripes came from. Soak up that rich history!

16. Visit the days of old with this charming vintage map of Washington, D.C. from Urban Yore.

2, Courtesy of Matthew Brazier /

Did they have as many speed limit traps back then? Classic D.C.

17. Give a nod to D.C.'s rich political history with this very accurate T-shirt from Jon Wye.

2, Courtesy of Jon Wye / Photo by Melissa Wimbish / T-Shirt design by Matthew McKeown /

Remember when Abraham Lincoln shot lasers out of his eyes while a bear rode him? That was cray.

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