18 Little White Lies We’re All Guilty Of Telling

Because sometimes it’s easier to stretch the truth. Just ask Pinocchio.

1. “I’m only going to have one slice of pizza.”

2. “Today is the day I finally go back to the gym.”

3. “Oh yeah, I’ve read that book.”

4. “I, like, never use Facebook.”

Kristin Rossi/BuzzFeed

5. “I don’t need directions, OK? I know where I’m going.”

6. “No, honey, red is totally your color. YOU. LOOK. GREAT.”

ESPN / Via tumblr.4gifs.com

7. “Don’t worry about me! I’m fine.”

8. “I’m just going to watch ONE MORE EPISODE.”

9. “I’ll clean up my apartment later!”

10. “Wow, Mom, that meal you made me was really delicious!”

11. “I would love to catch up with you tonight, but I’m suuuuuper busy. Sorry.”

12. “I’ll definitely go see your band/play/improv show!”

13. “I’ll be there in a few minutes, promise!”

Jenna Marbles / Via livefreelikethewind.tumblr.com

14. “I’m not going to spend all my money on comic books.”

15. “I totally got a [insert score slightly higher than actual score] on my SATs, before they changed the score system.”

Walt Disney Pictures - Freaky Friday / Via cuntinued.com

16. “No, I totally get what this song is saying, 100%.”


18. “Oh! I just saw this text.”

At least we’re not Pinocchio, and we can get away with it.

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