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12 Little Ways To Save Money With Your Car Every Day

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1. Keep up with the recommended maintenance.

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Read the owner's manual — your car may even have it available in app format! If it suggests getting your timing belt replaced every 35,000 miles, and you've gone 50,000 without doing it, you *might* want to get that taken care of before it becomes a bigger issue. The last thing you want is to end up stranded and in need of a tow.

2. Then learn how to do the easy stuff yourself.

Changing your oil and checking your fluids isn't nearly as tough as it sounds, and it's definitely cheaper than paying someone else to do it. Plus, you'll feel SO good about yourself for being handy.

3. Check your tire pressure regularly.

Perhaps one of the simplest things you can do that can really stretch your dollar is to check your tire pressure. Too much or too little can not only adversely affect your gas mileage, but it can also cause premature wear on your tires. If you're not sure how to check it, pull into a tire or auto repair shop — most will gladly check yours for free.

4. Use cruise control whenever possible.

By cruising at a set speed, you'll avoid gas-guzzling accelerations and brakes. Get to know your cruise control and use it whenever it's convenient.

5. Stick to low-octane gas.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but unless your car specifically needs higher-octane fuel, use the cheap stuff.

6. Check your air filter.

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Your car needs to breathe. And if your air filter is filthy, your car won't be able to breathe normally, and your gas mileage may suffer. Check your air filter and replace or clean it as necessary. It's super easy — take out the old filter, bring it to an auto parts shop to get a new one, and pop it in! Your car will thank you, and so will your wallet.

7. Get a rewards credit card.

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There are plenty of credit cards that offer cash back rewards on gas purchases. If you fill up frequently, those rewards can add up fast.

8. Have your tires balanced and rotated once or twice per year.

This keeps them from wearing down quicker and unevenly, extending their precious little lives. Tires aren't cheap! You can go to any tire shop and ask for this basic service.

9. Try to combine your errands.

Save that gas! A little planning can go a long way when you combine errands into one big trip.

10. Avoid idling.

Guess what? When you're parked with the engine running, you're getting 0 MPG! Shut off your engine if you know you won't be going anywhere for a while to save that precious, precious gas.

11. Carpool whenever you can! / Via

Reach out to friends before you head out. If you're all going to the same place, try to hitch a ride. It'll save you some gas, AND you'll get to hang with people.

12. Take it easy. / Via

Accelerate gently. Drive the speed limit. Let your foot off the gas pedal as soon as you see a red or yellow light. What's the big rush? Are we running late or something? Why don't you just pull over and call to let them know we'll be late? Ugh, you can be so impatient sometimes.

Anyway, driving more sensibly uses less gas and less braking power. And the longer you can make your brakes last, the better. Those puppies are expensive to replace once they wear down.

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