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13 Life-Changing Apps Every Nurse Needs To Know About ​

Nurses, listen up! There are apps that make what you do so much easier. And for insurance? There's the award-winning GEICO app.

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1. Lippincott Nursing Advisor

Why you need to know about it: With an expansive amount of content written by nurses for nurses, Lippincott Nursing Advisor contains over 1,500 evidence-based entries that cover everything from diseases to treatments, and drug information to nursing care plans. This is a useful tool when rapid, authoritative answers are needed.

2. NCLEX RN Mastery

Why you need to know about it: With NCLEX RN Mastery, you can review 1,600 NCLEX questions with illustrations, see the areas you need to improve, and track your progress toward your goals. Equipped with numerous study tools and strategies, this popular app is essential for any nursing student studying to get their license.

3. MyCME

Why you need to know about it: Continuing your education was never easier with MyCME. With its huge inventory of programs that appear in a variety of formats (interactive case series, video roundtables, recorded webcasts, etc.), you're able to compile your necessary continuing education credits at your leisure.


4. Epocrates

Why you need to know about it: Armed with a great user interface, Epocrates offers a litany of medical references that range from drug interactions to pill identification. You can also use the app to find providers for consult.

5. Medscape

Why you need to know about it: The content found on Medscape is created and updated by an independent team of 7,700 physicians and pharmacists from leading medical centers. This all-inclusive reference contains materials on: drugs, drug interaction, medical calculations, formulary information, diseases and conditions, procedures, and a journal database. Users can also read the latest news for their specialty. And if that weren't already enough, this app also contains Continuing Medical Education courses.

Why you need to know about it: Davis's Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests serves as a reference for over 400 tests. The app also includes age-specific, gender-specific, and ethnicity-specific variations to the tests.

7. Auscultation Primer

Why you need to know about it: Improve your auscultation skills! Offering a wide range of heart sounds (determined by anatomy, physiology, and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease), you're able to enhance your skills for future patients.

8. Lab Values Pro

Why you need to know about it: Lab Values Pro is your one-stop shop for all lab value results and common lab panels. You're even able to edit the data to fit your needs. The app also serves as a reference for medical abbreviations, suffixes, and prefixes.


9. MediBabble Translator

Why you need to know about it: Don't let language be a barrier. MediBabble is a medical translation tool that aids in history taking and physical examinations. This allows for quality care for non-English-speaking patients.

10. Pill Identifier

Why you need to know about it: True to its name, Pill Identifier is a searchable database where more than 24,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications are classified by imprint, drug name, shape, and color.

11. MedCalc

Why you need to know about it: MedCalc is the medical calculator of your dreams. With an easy-to-use interface, you can simply figure out complex calculations with stored formulas, convert units, and understand scores. Long gone are the days of pencils, paper, and carrying the two.


12. AllNurses

Why you need to know about it: AllNurses, a social network dedicated solely to nurses, creates a sense of community. Nurses and nursing students are able to give/get advice, offer support, and get updated on the latest news relevant to their occupation.

13. NurseGrid

Why you need to know about it: Finally, all nurses can now have a "personal assistant." With Nursegrid, you can keep track of your irregular shift schedule, swap shifts with colleagues, and be reminded of the longevity of your certifications.

If a nursing app makes your job easier, you use it. It's what you do.

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