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Leaf Bowl In 15 Minutes Or Less

Autumn time is the perfect time for colorful decorations, and you could even “fall” into savings by switching to GEICO!

Leaf Bowl In 15 Minutes or Less



20 to 30 fall-styled plastic leaves 

Paint brush

Mod podge 




1. Remove stems from the plastic leaves using scissors so they’re more flexible — the thinner the leaves, the better.

2. Fill your balloon to the desired size of your bowl or cup.

3. Use a roll of tape or a bowl to hold the balloon.

4. Apply mod podge to the balloon from where the base of the bowl will be.

5. Place your first leaf and coat with another layer of mod podge until the leaf is flat to the balloon.

6. Repeat this process until you have created the size and shape of bowl you want.

7. Allow leaves to dry.

8. Pop the balloon and allow the air to escape slowly. Remove any excess balloon or glue material. 

9. Customize your bowl with pine cones, a battery-operated candle, or candy!

10. Enjoy!