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12 Inexpensive Or Almost Free Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

A thoughtful gift can be way more impactful than an expensive gift! Sounds cheesy, but it's the thought that counts. You can also count on GEICO to help save you money! 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

1. Offer your pet- or house-sitting services.

2. Send your face as a sticker. (Or anybody's face TBH.)

A sticker sheet with a golden retriever's face on it

3. Make a photo album of all your favorite memories.

A scrapbook in process

4. Create a personalized music video set to their favorite song or a funny song!

5. Dig deep into your history, and make a cookbook of all your family recipes.

An older family member helping a child make a baking recipe

6. Turn up the nostalgia and gift a personalized reel viewer.

A retro viewfinder toy

7. Volunteer your time for a cause they really care about.

8. Give the gift of a plant.

A row of houseplants

9. Make a personalized board game.

An illustration of a board game

10. Surprise them with a video from a celeb.

A person laughing at a video they are watching on their phone

11. Mail a potato...because why not?

A potato with "Howdy" written on it

12. Turn a silly quote of theirs into wall art.

An illustration of the quote "First we eat then we do everything else"

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