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12 Incredible Roads Every Motorcyclist Should Ride In Their Lifetime

Throw on the colors and hit the road. You know GEICO is all about a good hog.

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1. Ride the Lasso out of Sturgis toward Devils Tower.

Prepare for beautiful Wyoming scenery on this loop from Sturgis, SD and back. It's the perfect day trip during the rally with views of pine forests, bluffs, rivers, and ranchland.

2. Thread the eye on the Needles Highway in Custer State Park.

Custer State Park is an hour South of Sturgis in the Black Hills. The ride features beautiful mountain scenery and a winding road that narrows into the Needle's Eye — a unique rock formation that's going to give you some incredible acoustics as you shoot through to the other side. Sounds good, right?

3. Then head south to enjoy the rolling prairie and buffalo on the Wildlife Loop Road.


If the Needle wasn't exciting enough, perhaps you should seek out Custer State Park's main attraction: a heard of 1,300 buffalo, not to mention the wide-open skies and Ponderosa Pines. It even looks like freedom.

4. Follow Route 138 along the Umpqua River until you reach Crater Lake, Oregon.

The road through Umpqua National Forrest is lush and verdant, but the real reward comes when you ride the road along the rim of Crater Lake. The mountain scenery is simply incredible, but know the entire rim road is only open in summer months.

5. Ride the California coastline on Hwy 1 from Monterey to San Simeon.

Named one of nine "All American Roads" by the U.S. Department of Transportation, this seaside drive above roaring Pacific waves is a must-ride. End your journey with a trip to the Hearst Castle, a 90,000-square-foot palace with incredible art, antiques, and mountain views.

6. Take a ride on the Old Loveland Pass in the White River National Forest, Colorado.

Crater Lake not mountainous enough for ya? Climb double the height to Loveland Pass. Here you'll find the Continental Divide, where you can look out over the country with panoramic mountain views. Bet all of Colorado can hear your pipes from up here.

7. Explore the canyons of the Colorado River along Arches National Park, Utah.


Towering bluffs buttress both sides of the upper Colorado River. The sound amplification will make a Boxer sound like a Big Twin! Be sure to make a stop at Arches National Park to see the incredible rock formations.

8. Put the spurs to 'er and explore the backroads of the Texas prairie.

Bluebell ice cream, cold beer, and the best barbecue you've ever had — you just never know what you'll find in the Texas hills. This route takes you through the state's prettiest country. Ride in spring to see the bluebonnets stretch on for miles under a baby-blue sky.

9. Enjoy scenic inland shoreline along the Seaway Trail in upstate New York.

Ride along the inland ocean of the Great Lakes before heading up to Niagara Falls. The most powerful falls in North America are worth a long day's ride.

10. Kick up some dust through Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.

http://bhanu.t / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 27150851@N02

It doesn't get much more peaceful than a cruise through these scenic woods. The serene roadways almost make man want to install quiet pipes... almost.

11. Soak in the shades of autumn over Deals Gap in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Also known as "The Dragon," this scenic 11-mile ride twists up and over mountains, down into valleys, and across rivers. It's best enjoyed when the colors of fall are in full flush, but it's a gorgeous ride year-round.

12. Lastly: once in your life, you must ride Hwy 441 through Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Highway 441 from Cherokee, NC to Gatlinburg, TN is the only road that splits through the Smoky Mountains. With the right cloud cover and sunset, the mountains become a canvas for shadow and light. It's a sight that's definitely worth a dismount.

Happy riding!

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