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15 Impossibly Easy Ways To Save Time In 2015

We spend a lot of time paying bills. Who’s got time for that? Well, did you know you could save up to 15% or more with GEICO? Yeah, everybody knows that.

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1. Pre-make all your breakfasts for the week on Sundays.

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Try whipping up a large batch of creamy cinnamon oatmeal porridge. It's nutritious, delicious, and will keep you warm on those cold winter mornings!

7. Picking out your outfit for tomorrow’s big day the night before will give you a few more minutes of sleep.

You can also use a collapsible closet organizer to pick out and store outfits for the full week. Because everyone needs their beauty rest!

9. Keep all your household appliance warranties and instructions in a handy binder — that way, if anything goes wrong, they can easily be located.

Matt Kowal / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mattkowal

That's way better than searching all around the house.

15. And finally, if you’re giving your apartment a makeover, use a paint that's also a primer.

reader of the pack / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: youngandwithit

This’ll cut down on how many coats you’ll have to give your walls, as well as the amount of paint you need, saving you a couple bucks!

Need another tip? Let Ickey show you how to prepare for houseguests in seconds:

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