16 Local Things To Buy If You Absolutely Love NYC

When you love New York, you show it! It’s what you do. And when you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It’s what you do.

1. Celebrate your borough with a Brooklyn eye chart print from Going Underground.

Courtesy of Going Underground / etsy.com

And, hey, if you happen to check your own eyesight while you’re putting it up on your wall, that’s just bonus points.

2. Draw a cityscape of your favorite skyline with these New York pencils, courtesy of Amberlee Isabella Home.

Courtesy of Amberlee Isabella Home / etsy.com

3. Take a little piece of New York with you in this money clip by Sarustar (that contains a little piece of New York land inside it)!

Courtesy of Sarustar / etsy.com

4. Get Brooklyn chic with this scarf of a Brooklyn industrial building by Artlab.

Courtesy of Artlab / etsy.com

Industrial buildings are so Brooklyn.

5. “Represent” with these 917 earrings by Soluna Soluna.

Courtesy of Soluna Soluna / etsy.com

Unless you have a 212 area code, in which case: JEALOUS.

6. Get to know your neighborhood piece by piece with this Bronx print from Blue Is the Land.

Courtesy of Derek Howles / blueistheland.com

7. This N train koozie by Queens Knits will keep your coffee warm while you’re riding around the city.

Courtesy of Queens Knits / etsy.com

8. Get a cool subway print by Orlansky to remind you of that quintessential New York feeling.

Courtesy of Orlansky / etsy.com

9. Wear your heart (or your city!) on your sleeve with these NYC cuff bracelets from Urbanrose.

Courtesy of Urbanrose / urbanrose.com

10. Find your way through the city with this Harlem map tote bag from A Fine Lyne.

2, Courtesy of A Fine Lyne / afinelyne.com


The only downside? Now, tourists will know for sure that you can give them directions. ;)

11. These onesies from Bugged Out will put your baby in the New York spirit!

2, Courtesy of Bugged Out / etsy.com


That cockroach almost hits too close to home. Almost.

12. And this snazzy bow tie by Cool Geek Madness will have you celebrating the beautiful city lights.

Courtesy of Cool Geek Madness / etsy.com

13. When you’re feeling your most patriotic, wear Lady Liberty around your neck, courtesy of Virginie Millefiori.

Courtesy of Virginie Millefiori / virginiemillefiori.com

Imagine if the Statue of Liberty were wearing that necklace. Meta.

14. These Chrysler Building cuff links from Urbanrose will always remind you of your favorite building in the city.

Courtesy of Urbanrose / urbanrose.com

The classiest building around. (Just sayin’.)

15. Relive your college days with these NYU-themed coasters from Think Scrappy Thoughts.

Courtesy of Think Scrappy Thoughts / etsy.com

You’ll be asking friends to use a coaster just so you can show them off!

16. And pay tribute to your favorite commute with Jet Set Candy’s MetroCard charm necklace!

Courtesy of ©Jet Set Candy/ jetsetcandy.com

Oh, New York. There’s nothing quite like you.

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