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15 Hosting Hacks For Anyone Planning A Grad Party This Summer

Celebrate your grad with minimal stress and rack up those savings when you get a quick and easy quote from GEICO.

1. Start planning like NOW.

A blank notebook, calendar, and pencil all sit on a flat surface

2. Lock your date in early.

A calendar zeroed in on the weekends of June 2022

3. Send an invite along with grad announcements.

A graduation invitation digital design with copy reading "Join us to celebrate the grad RSVP"

4. Or create an event webpage.

A hand types on a laptop with various social media related emojis overlaid on top

5. Remember that it's all about location, location, location.

A big family celebrating with a BBQ outdoors in the summer

6. Snag your rentals while they last.

Large white event tents with greenery background

7. Decide on a decor scheme.

An outdoor party with different colored balloons and a sign that says "follow your dreams"

8. Use community social media groups to see who's offloading extra supplies.

A text exchange with speech bubbles asking and confirming about balloons

9. Consider a fun hashtag to track all the memories posted to social media.

A hand holds up a hashtag balloon

10. Get as crafty as you can with money-saving DIY swaps.

A woman stands in front of a streamer backdrop with photo booth props

11. Set the mood with a grad-specific playlist

Hand touches a screen on smartphone with portable speaker outdoors

12. Decide what you're ordering out and making on your own.

Different color schemed cupcakes with a graduation cap decor on top

13. Designate a card drop-off location.

A stack of greeting cards

14. Make a list of the day-of essentials that will need to be picked up.

Packaged Ice freezer machine against a yellow wall during a hot and sunny day of summer outside a grocery store

15. Wrap it all up with thank you cards

A thank you card with a graduation cap on the front with a roll of stamps and pen

With grad parties and tuition on the horizon, getting a stress free quote from GEICO is one less thing to worry about this summer.

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