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Paid PostPosted on Mar 12, 2015

10 Ways To Get Active With Your Friends Without Going To The Gym

If you hate going to the gym, you find other ways to stay active! It's what you do. If you wanna save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do.

1. Take a swing dancing class with your pals.


Get some cardio action with swing dancing. You get to listen to awesome music, work out muscles on your upper and lower body, and break a sweat while having fun! Take a class with a friend, and you'll always have a dance partner.

2. Explore the outdoors with a group camping trip.

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Camping is just chock-full of physical activity that isn't monotonous. You can take scenic hikes, search for firewood, pitch a tent, and enjoy the fresh air while keeping active.

3. While you're out there camping, why not go canoeing?


Why would you pick the option of using a rowing machine inside when you could go outside and do it? Canoeing helps your overall core, and rowing with friends amplifies your trust with each other. What's a better way to bond?

4. Have a friendly game of ping-pong!


Here's a game where you should get a little competitive. Why? Because you'll break a harder sweat! And who doesn't like a little friendly competition? Especially when your reward is a fun cardio workout.

5. Learn to juggle together!

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Juggling is not just for circus performers; it's an exercise for the mind AND body, because you have to be coordinated and concentrated. And the best part? You can juggle almost anywhere! You and your friends can literally have a ball anytime you want.

6. Play a game of dodgeball.


Dodgeball isn't just for kids — adults can enjoy it too! And dodgeball is such good motivation for you to sprint! Because if you don' might get hit! Playing also helps with hand-eye coordination and balance.

7. Start a skateboarding/longboarding crew.

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What's cooler than a skate crew? And besides looking cool, skating gives you a cardio workout! Even your abs are working because you gotta use them to stay balanced.

8. Or if skating's not your thing, start a bike crew.


The best part about biking is that it's USEFUL! You get to go places, and what's better than traveling on two wheels with your buds?

9. And is theater more of your thing? Why not try live-action role playing then!

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LARPing is the perfect way to mix theatrical acting with high-action fun. Whether you decide to be a Swordsman, a Wizard, or a Cleric, you're gonna have to do a lot of running to defeat your enemies!

10. If you and your pals like animals, join a dog walking club!


Some dog shelters have dog walking days too. You get to pet adorable puppies with your friends and burn some calories! It's a win-win situation.

Whatever you do to get active, just push it! Push it real good.

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