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11 Extremely Useful Life Hacks For Impatient People

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1. Hate waiting on the phone with customer service?


Instead of waiting on hold for hours on the phone with customer service, use, and they'll wait in the queue for you and call you back when a human is on the line. No more endless hold music!

2. What about waiting in line?


You can get someone to wait in line for you too. For a price. Time is money, and if you really hate waiting in lines, hiring a person from TaskRabbit could be for you. Be nice and tip the person too!

3. Who likes getting up and resetting their internet router?

With the ResetPlug, you can get to surfing the net without having to take the time to get up and search for your router. Because your time should be filled with cat GIFs instead. 😺

4. Don't you wish you could have coffee right when you wake up?

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You can with an automatic coffeemaker! This coffeemaker syncs up to your smartphone so you can schedule when to make coffee at any time of the day. The future is now!

6. Don't you wish you could get your medical questions answered quickly without having to get into a deep WebMD black hole?


HealthTap is a service where you can get all your medical questions answered on Facebook chat! It's super convenient, and the doctors can offer "answers, treatment, and referrals to help you feel good." Great! Now get out of that black hole.

7. Got a test tomorrow and need to get through a lot of material?

Summize (iPhone) and Picturize (Android) are two apps that scan large blocks of text and summarize the key points. It's super useful for students on a time crunch or anyone who wants to skim something that's TL;DR. 👀

8. Nobody likes sitting around in traffic...

Thinkstock plan your commute with When2Leave. It's a website where you can input your destination and figure out the shortest commute in your time frame. And then talking about traffic can stop being your icebreaker when meeting new people.

9. When you just don't have time to split the check...

Thinkstock SplitWise to make going out to dinner with your friends super easy. Now John who ordered all the apps won't pay less than Sam, who just ordered a salad.

10. Doing laundry already takes too long, but having to read the labels for washing instructions too?


Instead of searching for care symbols on the internet, you can quickly scan your tags with Laundry Day, an app that translates it all for you. Easy as that. But actually washing and folding the clothes is up to you. 😜

11. What if instant messaging...were actually instant?


With the Beam Messenger app, you can actually see what your friends are typing in real time. So if someone types "yes" but then changes their mind and types "no," you'll be able to see it all on your screen. But first, you'll have to convince your friends to download the app with you.

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