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14 Simple Recipes That Will Make Your Camping Trip So Much Better

Peep these recipes to keep the entire family happy on your next camping trip. And take a closer look at GEICO! Get a quote, and see how much you could save today.

1. To make ahead: Chocolate Hazelnut Crisped Rice Treats

2. To bake ahead: DIY Beef Jerky

3. To no-bake ahead: Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Bites

4. For a celebration on-the-go: Party Mix

5. For a fun DIY project: Campfire Mini Pizzas

6. To go with your snack: Elotes

7. For a hearty breakfast: A BBQ or Campfire Breakfast Scrambler

8. When you're hankering for a snack: Campfire Nachos

9. If you're feeling kinda fancy: Campfire Baked Brie

10. When you want to cook something on a stick: Campfire Breadsticks

11. When you want to cook something on a stick (part two): Campfire Pigs in a Blanket

12. For a simple and contained meal: Sausage Tin Foil Dinner

13. To satisfy your sweet tooth: Campfire Monkey Bread

14. For a twist on a classic: Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores

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