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12 DIY Treats For Your One True Love (Your Dog)

These treats are for your one true love — your pooch! It's just a good idea to make treats for your dog, just like it's a good idea to switch to GEICO.

1. Your pups can have their cake and eat it too!

Courtesy of Irresistible Pets / Via

This treat is under $10 and only 60 minutes to make.

2. It may be chilly outside, but your doggy can still appreciate this frozen treat.

Courtesy of Tim & Mary Vidra of 17apart / Via

What's also awesome about these treats? You, yes you, can eat them too!

3. For a healthy present, you can make homemade sweet potato treats.

Courtesy of Kim's Healthy Eats /
Courtesy of Kim's Healthy Eats /

4. Translate those slobbers and kisses into an adorable X & O treat.

Courtesy of Serena Faber-Nelson, Pretty Fluffy / Via

This is true love right here.

5. Your dog loves peanut butter as much as you love them.

Courtesy of Tim & Mary Vidra of 17 apart / Via

Make their life something nutty and wonderful.

6. Gingerbread shouldn't just be for Christmas (or humans)! Your pup will enjoy these gingerbread dog biscuits anytime.

Courtesy of Dukes and Duchesses / Via

Paw-fect for any holiday.

7. 50 minutes of your time, and you could make some Apple Crunch Pupcakes.

Courtesy of Sarah of Lola The Pitty / Via

An apple crunch pupcake a day, keeps the doctor away. (We kid, but it's a great special treat!)

8. Puppy pancakes will make their tails wag.

Courtesy of Serena Faber-Nelson, Pretty Fluffy / Via

What's more romantic than a brunch with your furry friend?

9. Humans love bacon. Dogs love bacon dog treats.

Courtesy of the Girl In The Little Red Kitchen / Via

Bacon isn't the only star... There are apples and carrots in this recipe too!

10. Fido needs these cheesy dog biscuits.

Courtesy of Lemonade Makin' Mama / Via

People may say your love is cheesy, but you know better.

11. What's easier than a no-bake treat for your pooch?

Courtesy of Serena Faber-Nelson, Pretty Fluffy / Via

Under 15 minutes! Quick, easy, and your dog won't know the difference! They'll still love you the same.

12. Give some Cranberry hearts for your big-hearted pup.

Courtesy Sarah Dickerson, Pretty Fluffy / Via

Only five ingredients for the ultimate expression of love.

And after you make all these treats, invite your dog to the table.

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