19 Delightfully Geeky Cross Stitches You Wish You Owned

Cross stitching isn’t just for your grandmother. They can brighten anyone’s day, just like the delight of GEICO customer service.

1. Gotta stitch 'em all.

FingerPricks / Via etsy.com

2. The perfect adornment for House Craft.

XStitchMyHeart / Via etsy.com

3. Stitching is so mathematical!

kate_vandelay / Via instagram.com

4. To boldly go where no baby has gone before.

Nancy Sims / Via Flickr: pugno_muliebriter

5. There's no place like time.

frostyplum / Via etsy.com

6. An IRL cross stitch love letter to the 'net.

Catherine / Via Flickr: sailor_coruscant

7. Embroidery does not mean what you think it means.

8. A-Men through Z-Men, too.

XStitchMyHeart / Via etsy.com

9. This cross stitch is color coded.

10. It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

JennyDork / Via etsy.com

11. At least this cross stitch isn't a lie.

aww_somesauce / Via instagram.com

12. A classic Woolseyism immortalized in thread.

FunWithNeedles / Via etsy.com

13. And 12 different faces (and counting).

k rupp / Via Flickr: krupptastic

14. 01000001011101110110010101110011011011110110110101100101 !

aliciawatkins / Via etsy.com

15. Bounty-man has to have a weakness, right?

The8bitGeekery / Via etsy.com

16. Remember the most existential moment of the hero's quest?

FunWithNeedles / Via etsy.com

17. Beam me up, romance.

18. All your cross stitch are belong to memes.

Nicoinstitches / Via etsy.com

19. You can do anything you want with them. Just don't get them wet!

poppet with a camera / Via Flickr: infobunny

Cross stitch and fandom aren't the only awesome combination out there.

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