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10 Delightful Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home With Your Kids

While your actual house may not be "haunted," here are some easy suggestions on keeping the Halloween spirit alive at home! It's as easy as switching to GEICO. Just 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

1. Decorate your pumpkins beyond just carving!

A pumpkin wrapped up like a mummy.

2. Plan a Halloween movie night...

A father and son wear Halloween costumes and search their computer for a movie to watch.

3. And make a frightfully good pizza to eat!

A top-down image of a Halloween themed pizza.

4. Coordinate with your neighbors to do a Halloween gift exchange.

A candy basket filled with Halloween knickknacks.

5. Craft Halloween cards together.

An image of a DIY Halloween card.

6. Break a Halloween piñata!

An image of a jack-o'-lantern piñata.

7. Hold a virtual costume contest.

A father taking a picture of his baby for Halloween.

8. Create a Halloween playlist.

A pumpkin with headphones on.

9. Decorate your front door to get into the "spirit."

A door that's wrapped up like a mummy.

10. Make a Halloween countdown calendar.

A Halloween countdown calendar.

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