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10 Delightful Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home With Your Kids

While your actual house may not be "haunted," here are some easy suggestions on keeping the Halloween spirit alive at home! It's as easy as switching to GEICO. Just 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

1. Decorate your pumpkins beyond just carving!

A pumpkin wrapped up like a mummy.
Svetikd / Getty Images

Carving and painting are not the only options. For example, you can make an adorable "mummy pumpkin" with white duct tape and a permanent marker. Gauze and googly eyes are another great way to make a gourd spooky.

2. Plan a Halloween movie night...

A father and son wear Halloween costumes and search their computer for a movie to watch.
Hannatverdokhlib / Getty Images

Casper the Friendly Ghost, anyone? There are so many great family-friendly Halloween movies that you could even do a marathon!

3. And make a frightfully good pizza to eat!

A top-down image of a Halloween themed pizza.
Jenifoto / Getty Images

Create a boo-tiful pizza at home. Try shaping mozzarella cheese into ghostly figures and making spiders by halving whole black olives and attaching sliced olive legs.

4. Coordinate with your neighbors to do a Halloween gift exchange.

A candy basket filled with Halloween knickknacks.
Evgeniiand / Getty Images

While we might not be able to trick-or-treat door to door this year, why not bring the excitement home with a Halloween gift swap? Decide on a price limit with your neighbors, coordinate who's swapping with whom, and fill a Halloween bucket with various candies and knickknacks. Then deliver to your neighbor's door on an agreed-upon date.

5. Craft Halloween cards together.

An image of a DIY Halloween card.
13-smile / Getty Images

Halloween normally isn't a card-giving holiday, but why not start this year? Make fun 3D spiders on your notes by gluing loose buttons and black yarn on card stock. Spooktacular!

6. Break a Halloween piñata!

An image of a jack-o'-lantern piñata.
Mtreasure / Getty Images

Just because you're celebrating a home doesn't mean you can't have secret candy surprises. Get some inspiration for piñatas here.

7. Hold a virtual costume contest.

A father taking a picture of his baby for Halloween.
Petrunjela / Getty Images

Start a group chat or email thread with your extended family and friends and invite them to share images of their kids' Halloween costumes. Everyone can then vote on various categories like "spookiest costume" or "cutest costume." Create digital awards and share with the winners!

8. Create a Halloween playlist.

A pumpkin with headphones on.
Iamzhem / Getty Images

There are plenty of premade playlists available on your favorite music streaming platform, but nothing beats playing "Monster Mash" on repeat!

9. Decorate your front door to get into the "spirit."

A door that's wrapped up like a mummy.
Arinahabich / Getty Images

Even if regular trick-or-treating isn't happening, your door decor can still be creepily cool! Get some inspiration here.

10. Make a Halloween countdown calendar.

A Halloween countdown calendar.
Elladoro / Getty Images

Countdown calendars are very popular in December, but who says October can't get one? There are calendars you can buy online; or you could make one yourself and fill it with candy or jokes to have fun surprises every day of the month.

Try this one for size: What's a ghost's favorite kind of pie? Boo-berry!

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