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16 Delightful Ice Cream Flavors You Never Knew Existed

Summer is here, the sun is out, and we are ready for ice cream! Whether in the form of a sandwich or a milkshake, it's super delightful— just like GEICO customer service. Lick your lips and get ready for some delicious flavors.

1. For lovers of Southern cooking, try chicken and waffles ice cream.

2. If you want a tasty kick to your buds, there is Sriracha ice cream. We're serious.

3. Olive Oil isn't just for your bread anymore. It can be a tasty treat.

4. Purple yam ice cream is very popular in the Philippines!

5. For the romantics out there, try rose petal ice cream.

6. Avocado goes well on sandwiches... and as soft serve!

7. Coconut Chili ice cream sandwich? Yes please.

8. How about some asparagus ice cream. You might like it!

9. Do you love lobster? Like, really love lobster?

10. Parmesan cheese with chocolate ganache sounds nice, right?

11. Lemon poppyseed can be a sweet treat.

12. Squid ink ice cream exists.

13. Cactus ice cream? Why not.

14. Why not give parsley ice cream a chance?

15. Chocolate and bacon goes great with everything.

16. Is this spaghetti? No! It's ice cream.

Unique flavors + Ice Cream = Summer Heaven! Great savings + Delightful customer service? Even better.

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