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12 Delicious Latin Dishes To Enjoy At Your Next Family Gathering

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share with us what Latin dishes were essential in their homes, and here's what they recommended.

1. A seasoned and juicy lechon asado for scrumptious Christmas dinners.

A platter of lechon asado.

2. An abuela-approved flan Cubano to round out a big meal.

A plated flan cubano.

3. A set of dual dishes to savor favorites from different countries.

A cooking dish filled with  pastelon.

4. A batch of pasteles made with mom's love.

Pasteles cooking in a pot on a stove.

5. A crowd favorite like pernil, perfect for big family events.

Slow-roasted pernil on a cutting board.

6. A delish twist on traditional pozole recipe.

A bowl of pozole with chopped onion and spices.

7. A big batch of arroz congri to fill up on (and ensure leftovers for later).

A big bowl of arroz congri.

8. A big pot of menudo with a few extras to share around the table.

A bowl of menudo soup with a fresh tortilla.

9. A special occasion calls for a special dish like enchilado de camarones.

A dish of enchilado de camarones with rice.

10. A platter of enchiladas straight from mom's kitchen (cause nothing can beat her cooking).

Two platters of enchiladas.

11. A helping of mangú for brunch, lunch, or even dinner.

Plate of mangú, a popular Dominican breakfast dish.

12. Sweet torrejas to balance a savory serving of tortilla Española at the breakfast table.

A plate of cinnamon-covered torrejas.

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