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17 Creative Ways To Say "I Love You"

Tell your special someone something they already know: "I love you." However you do it, it'll be wonderful! Just like the delightful customer service from GEICO.

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1. Say it with sparklers.

Koinos Zoi Photography/CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: marriedbachelor18

Writing "I Love You" with sparklers is pretty easy with long-exposure photography! Here's a tutorial on how to get the sparkliest picture for your boo.

2. Say it with wall art.

Hey Paul Studios/CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: hey__paul and

For a constant reminder of how much you care.

3. Say it by unraveling.

LuckyBugPaperCo on Etsy

LuckyBugPaperCo on Etsy

Take an empty spool of thread and wrap a sweet little message around the middle. Your valentine will have oodles of fun unraveling the note. If you're not crafty, you can purchase one here.

4. Say it in a ~mysterious~ way...

witandwhistle on Etsy

witandwhistle on Etsy

This secret decoder card is great for children or those who are young at heart. Buy it here.

5. Say it in the geekiest way possible.

Betsy Weber/CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: betsyweber

The punnier the better.

6. Or the nerdiest way possible.

Capture Of Dreams/CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: captureofdreams

With an equation. For math nerds only!

7. Say it with map coordinates.

ShopTheCopperFox on Etsy / Via

If you lovebirds are the kind of people that love adventure, plan a scavenger hunt date. Keep it a secret until the day of the date with "map coordinate bracelets." Give them instructions to go to the coordinates engraved and plan your special rendezvous.

8. Say it with a card trick.

Courtesy of Sarah Cooper / CC By http://2.0 / Via Flickr: wvagent

This card booklet is really sweet for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or really any time you want to turn your significant other into a crying ball of goo. In a good way, of course. Instructions on how to make your own here.

9. Say it with yarn.

10. Say it with music.

Howard Lake/CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: howardlake

Make a mixtape... a REAL mixtape. Because playlists are so 2013.

11. Say it with a pop-up!


Not a pop-up window, but a DIY pop-up card! Detailed instructions here.

12. Say it with an animal!

© copyright 2011 Sharleen Chao / Getty Images

Especially if you have to express your love long distance. Animals are great messengers.

13. Say it on a date!

Courtesy of Jackie Burrell, college parenting expert, / / Via Flickr: 28854676@N08

A "date night jar" is a fun way to keep going on dates with your significant other (or best friend for life)! There's always a surprise in store. DIY instructions here.

14. Say it with an egg.

MIB Pictures/Getty
Dave King / Getty

If you think your valentine is eggscellent, make them breakfast in bed!

15. Say it... inside an egg!

GoldenSecret on Etsy

GoldenSecret on Etsy

Eggstraordinary! You can find instructions on how to make something similar here, or you can buy this one here.

16. Say it with coffee.

Flickr: 47022937@N03

GoToVan/CC BY 2.0

PaintMyName on Etsy

Tell them you "love them a latte" with some latte art. And if you're really serious, sneak them a special message on the bottom of their mug. You're welcome.

17. Say it with... a GIF!

Will Herring

What's more lovely than an infinite animated loop of "I Love Yous?" Nothing.

And always remember that in all relationships, there is no I in TEAM.

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