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Couples Tell Us The Silliest Thing They've Fought About

When you're in a couple, you argue about silly things. It's what you do! And when you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do!

1. "We've fought over pizza toppings, but that's not dumb. That is DEAD SERIOUS."


2. "Whether or not mint is considered more of a food than a kiwi is."


"FIRST OF ALL, it was not mint vs. kiwi. It was 'mint' vs 'bugle.' Let the record show that Casey thinks that the word BUGLE is more indicative of a food than mint. I get that it's a brand of a hipster snack food, but it is WAY MORE COMMONLY a musical instrument that you do not eat. Second of all, this isn't a real fight."


"OK, Ben."


3. "The weird laundry nest he keeps next to his side of the bed even though the laundry hamper is maybe three feet away."


4. "Beyoncé."




5. "Whether or not it's OK to use the dish sponge to wipe down the stove, counters, and table. Clearly that answer is NO."


6. "Whether or not horses can swim.

"Leaving the shower curtain open.

"How many times it's OK to tell someone not to leave the shower curtain open."


7. "Literally got into an argument SO HEATED about how much sugar to put into muddy buddies that I had to leave my apartment and take a lap around the block."


8. "Aaron and I got in a real fight because I took a quick set of stairs (with my rolling luggage) instead of a very long, slowly inclining ramp. We will happily discuss his being wrong about the entire situation."


9. "Whether or not it was OK to sit on a closed chair lift during the summer (I say yes, he says OHMYGOD GET OFF THE CHARLIFT, EILEEN)."


10. "I got into a fight with my wife because I was walking her to work but didn't cross the street with her to actually walk her to the front door of the studio. We literally fought over 10 paces."


11. "If Rouge is the best or stupidest character in X-Men."


"Uh, first of all, it's Rogue, not Rouge. Second of all, I'm right about this."


"'I'm Rogue, and my superpower is being emo.'"




12. "We had a heated debate over the merits of video games as art. I was upset because she wasn't considering the clever but lesser-known indie games I knew about. Then I realized I was a late-twenties man publicly arguing about video games on a New York City street.

"There were no winners."


13. "Setting the thermostat to 73 (him) or 70 (me). Whether Spider-Man is 'awesome' or not (him, yes; me, no). Plausibility of movie scenes."


14. "Someone's name we both forgot, and we both ended up being wrong."


15. "Our worst fight was over the theory of how to solve a Rubik's Cube — neither of us can *actually* do it."


16. "We spent a three-hour road trip debating whether or not the suburbs were 'tragic.' We ended up with a 'tragic' road trip instead."


17. "How many times a week it's acceptable to eat Popeye's."


18. "Jeff likes to pretend he's a trumpet, especially in places where there's good reverb, likes tunnels. It drives me absolutely crazy, and I've yelled at him a bunch of times."


19. "A classic case of gender wars: AC on or off."


"Fighting over whether or not to keep the air conditioning on…when we lived in the Sahara Desert."


20. "How shrimp should be arranged on a plate. He's such a perfectionist in the kitchen that when I put the shrimp on the plate, he said, 'No! That's not how you do it!' Argument ensued."


21. "One time we fought because I casually said 'sure' when asked if I would 'juice' (go on a juice cleanse) with him but didn't mean it in a committed kind of way, like, for sure I would juice come hell or high water."


22. "Whether or not it's wrong to wake your partner in the middle of the night to feed them whatever you've cooked yourself at 3 a.m."


23. "Whether or not they should make a Taylor Swift pinball machine and, if so, would it sell."


24. "I call penguins 'guempins.' My S.O. calls them 'glenpins.' We fight about that often."


It seems like couples have been fighting over silly things since the dawn of time.

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What's the silliest fight YOU'VE had with your S.O.? Let us know in the comments below!