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13 Hilarious Puns To Improve Your Bro-Cabulary

Who doesn't want more bro jokes? And did you know that GEICO offers more than just car insurance? Unbrolievably awesome!

1. What's a dude's favorite Greek god?

2. What does he do to chillax?

3. What does the artsy bro like to do in his free time?

4. What does he read when he's feeling emo?

5. What will he do when he’s got a major paper due in English?

6. What’s his favorite type of fancy food?

7. Favorite coffee of choice?

8. What does he sing to his baby niece when she's in her crib?

9. What's his favorite painting?

10. What's his favorite Shakespeare quote?

11. What does he call his younger brother?

12. How does he get all that protein?

13. And what do you call a guy that’s the most honest dude west of the Mississippi?

Want more bro puns? Listen to these dudes.

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