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15 Animal Vines That Perfectly Describe Your Mood Right Now

These guys are pure comedy gold. They're sure to put a smile on your face, just like the delightful customer service at GEICO!

1. When the dentist is cleaning your teeth:

2. When your boss asks you to finish something up "real quick" on a Friday:

3. When the toaster prematurely finishes yo bagel:

4. When you're snacking alone in front of the TV:

5. When that fourth burrito finally hits you:

6. When bae has a bad dream:

7. When you try out a new machine at the gym:

8. When you have so many questions that need answers:

9. When you REALLY need a bite of your friend's sandwich:

10. When you first discovered that you wanted to be a drummer:

11. When there's water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink:

12. When you finally master your runway strut:

13. When you find out that there are free donuts in the kitchen at work:

14. When a yawn catches you completely off guard:

15. When you don't wanna dance, but your friends make you:

Nobody understands animals and their shenanigans better than GEICO!

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