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14 Animal Vines That Perfectly Describe The End Of Summer

When summer comes to an end, you get #feelings about it. It's what you do. When you want to save money on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do.

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1. When they try to make you get out of the pool:

2. When people catch you tanning in random places because you need to catch those last rays:

3. When you first step out of the office and into the sun at lunch:

4. When you constantly have your happy face on because, hey, IT'S SUMMER:

5. When you eat everything at the organic market as if it were your last meal:

6. When you realize it's getting dark a little earlier every night:

7. When you're a puddle of sweat the minute you step out of your apartment:

8. When you get a little sad that summer's coming to an end...

9. you start tweeting about it:

10. When you see the ice cream truck leaving, and you're not sure it'll ever come back:

11. When someone offers you "a bite" of their ice cream:

12. When your friends are sick of you obsessively singing your summer jam:

13. When you try to lay low so autumn doesn't find you:

14. And you decide that, nope, summer's not going anywhere, you're keeping it:

And this cat cannot help that it will miss summer...

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