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14 Things You Probably Did If You Went To A Birthday Party In The '90s

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1. Played an arcade game for a quarter or less.

2. Cheated at Skee-Ball and got a high score.

3. Buried yourself in a ball pit.

4. Took a photo with this particular mouse.

5. Met an adorable animal at a petting zoo.

6. Listened to pop tunes while twirling in circles in an indoor skating rink.

7. Got hyped for group laser tag!

8. Attended a themed birthday and wore a cute costume.

9. Did a group art project with friends.

Tie-dye! Spin art! Other shenanigans!

10. Splashed around at a pool party.

11. Made tons of gutter balls while bowling.

12. Gossiped, braided hair, and watched scary movies at a slumber party.

13. Jumped around like crazy in an inflatable bouncy house!

14. Got your face painted.

And remember clowns with balloon animals?

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