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47 Puppies Who Are Trying To Melt Your Heart

One look at this gaggle of faces and you're guaranteed to melt. GEICO's customer service is the only thing that can bring you more pure delight.

Puppies just want to be held.

And get their lil' tummies rubbed.

This fierce puppy cannot be felled.

Watch this lil' puppy get scrubbed!

Sometimes they're just glued to the ground.

Sometimes they keep you on your toes.

These lil' buddies are easily found...

...even when they are self-burritos.

Sometimes puppies come in twos...

Or threes...

Or fours...

Sometimes six little puppies are all lined up!

And sometimes they get stuck in doors.

But puppies are always excited to see you.

You're a thing that most puppies enjoy.

They howl away when you leave them to play...

Alone with their lil' puppy toys.

And give you those big puppy eyes. And that face!

It's clear their love has no limit.

They love any task, any time, any place!

And nothing can crush their spirit.

Richard Austin / Rex USA

Now take a good look, take a breath, and click play. Watch this puppy who yawns, and then be on your way.

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And have a great day! It's the GEICO way.