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29 Animals Who Are Delighted To See You

Imagine coming home from a hard day and seeing one of these delighted faces waiting for you. Then take that feeling and double it. That’s the delight you get from GEICO Customer Service.

1. This Goose

2. This Baby Lamb

3. This Fish

4. This Seal

5. This Anteater

6. This Dog

7. This Cat

8. This Raccoon

9. This Squirrel

10. This Chimpanze

11. This Llama

12. This Owl

13. This Dog In This Car

14. This Pig

15. This Turtle

16. This Otter

17. This Initially Terrifying But Very Friendly Shark

18. Also This Dog

19. This Owl

20. This Snuggly Cat

21. This Siberian Husky

22. This Sea Lion

23. This Puppy

24. This Panda

25. This Baby Elephant

26. This Polar Bear

27. This Baby Walrus

28. This Otter

29. And This Dog

Not delighted yet? How about a dancing kitten.

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