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26 Delightful Holiday Cats In Unexpected Places

Unexpected holiday pairings are the best! And luckily for you, GEICO's delightful Customer Service goes purr-fectly with delighted holiday cats.

1. The holidays are a super delightful time for cats.

2. "Why?" you ask...

3. Four words.

4. New.

5. Places.

6. To.

7. Hide.

8. Oh, hey!

9. I see you looking at those candles.

10. ...How did you get up there?

11. Nevermind. I won't ask.

12. Looking gorgeous in that light

13. Or completely wrapped up in it

14. How about stockings? Great for kittens.

15. A new place to nap

16. The perfect surprise in your mailbox.

17. Tinsel anyone?

18. It's the best.

19. It's just a perfect place to make your home.

20. Just a good place to chill.

21. Here, let us help you get cozy!

22. Okay, maybe TOO cozy...

23. Yeah. Do not want.

24. Ahhh, much better.

25. Less wrapping and more skipping!

26. Back to being delightful!

At GEICO Customer Service, we wish you a delightful holiday and a wonderful New Year!

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