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23 Reasons Why It's Delightful Being A Baby

Babies lead a delightful life, and if you talk to GEICO customer service, you'll be delighted too! You deserve to be treated like the center of the universe. Because, well, you're awesome.

1. You never have to brush your teeth (and your breath still smells nice).

Nicholas Manuel / CC BY-SA http://2.0 /

2. You have a portable bathroom at all times.

Paige Maguire / CC BY-ND http://2.0 /

3. Your preferred mode of transportation is crawling.

danibabii08 / CC BY http://2.0 /

4. And you can eat whatever you want and never worry about your weight!

Frankly PM / CC BY-ND http://2.0 /

5. You get wheeled around everywhere!

Dean Wissing / CC BY-SA http://2.0 /

6. You can fall asleep wherever you like.

Yoshihide Nomura / CC BY-ND http://2.0 /

7. You won't get in too much trouble if you make a mess!

Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY-SA http://2.0/

8. Animals love you!

ruby fenn / CC BY-SA http://2.0 /

9. If you want anything, all you need to do is cry.

Donnie Ray Jones / CC BY http://2.0 /

10. You get awesome birthday parties and get to smash your face in cake.

Malcolm MacGregor / Getty Images

11. You can be naked anytime you like.

Mike Carter / CC BY-ND http://2.0 /

12. You are easily entertained.

13. Any time is nap time!

14. You can never have a bad hair day.

Erica Firment / CC BY http://2.0 /

15. You can be an emoticon in real life. :3

todsaherb / iStockphoto / Getty Images


16. You never care what others think about you.

Constance Bannister Corps / Getty Images

17. Your Halloween costumes are always the cutest.

Tedsblog / CC BY http://2.0 /

18. You get the joy of experiencing something for the first time!

19. All your food comes "pre-chewed," and you have fun cutlery!

Vladimir Godnik / Getty Images

Mother spoon feeding son

20. You are the center of attention, and everyone caters to your every need.

Which is exactly how GEICO customer service treats you!

21. The world is your canvas.

Greg Gerla / UIG / Getty Images

22. You're just really mobile and portable.

23. And it may be your fault, but it's okay, you're a baby!

24. And if these babies didn't delight you, how about a baby... puppy!?

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