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20 Things We Miss About Driving Our First Car

Few things in the world can compare to the feeling of that first solo drive. Before you ever really knew the delights of GEICO customer service, your first car was YOUR car, and so much more.

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Everyone remembers their first car.

It wasn't exactly the best car. But it was YOUR car.

Remember when your mom used to drive you to the mall? How embarrassing. Or worse, biking everywhere?

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But then you turned Sixteen(ish), and everything changed.

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You just had to pass your test, and learn to parallel park. No big deal.

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...and get your DMV picture just right.

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And suddenly, you had the keys to your freedom. It was a little scary.

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But who cares if those keys didn't come with AC?

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Finally. Goodbye to inferior modes of transportation.

You could go ANYWHERE (as long as it was before 9PM).

The mall!

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No more parents!

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Finally, you could put on whatever music you wanted.

You could decorate your car however you wanted.

Going on actual dates was suddenly a possibility.

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With your new car, though, came some issues.

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Suddenly slow drivers turned you into a gargantuan rage monster, which is very, very bad.

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You gotta calm down!

Suddenly you were giving rides to EVERYONE.

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You realized just how expensive gas is.

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Good thing GEICO is so affordable!

But it's cool. You could afford it now with your awesome part-time job.

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No more taking the bus LIKE A PEASANT.

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So many feels.

Just you and your car forever. And to all the haters:

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And if you're ever stuck in traffic, just try to remember it brings joy to some people.

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