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20 Beautiful GIFs That Will Make You An Outdoor Person

The happiest place on Earth is usually the Earth itself. GEICO customer service always aims to make your day a little more beautiful. Take a little walk and clear your mind.

First, click play.

1. Now look out, across a green landscape.

2. Now listen. You can hear a babbling brook.

3. Feel the wind as you move swiftly through this desert terrain.

4. Observe the wind rustling a nearby tree.

5. It smells like Earth.

6. Hear the clouds moving above you.

7. Zoom in on some yellowed leaves.

8. Feel the cool water on your toes.

9. Hear the undulation of these waves, gently moving.

10. Watch the mist curl around the mountains.

11. Exhale as the sun goes down over this lake.

12. Taste the fresh water as you dive in. Or is it salt water?

13. Feel at ease as you watch the water move through the creek bed.

14. Or hear it gushing down a craggy formation.

15. This is what happiness feels like.

16. As the sun goes down, observe the last bits of brilliance in the air.

17. Feel the sun reflecting off your surroundings.

18. It's not warm, necessarily. Just bright.

19. And sometimes it's blazing.

20. Now go outside for real, and remember:

Did you know nature makes sounds even when you're not there?

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