19 Delightful Pictures Of Celebs Posing With Exotic Animals

Ready to smile so hard it hurts? (Just like with GEICO customer service?) These exotic pairs of animals and celebs are sure to bring joy to your day! Go on, take a peek. Ryan Gosling and his rhino buddy are waiting…

1. We’ve all seen Kristen Bell’s love of sloths…

2. But what about Ryan Gosling and an okapi?

3. Evan Rachel Wood and a turaco?

4. How about both of them and a sloth?

5. Val Kilmer and a koala?

Handout / Getty Images

6. Sarah Michelle Geller, Betty White, and a boa constrictor?

Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

7. Betty White and Koko the gorilla? Bonus points because they’re both celebrities!

8. Snoop Dogg and a sea lion, or to be accurate, Snoop Lion and a sea lion?

Handout / Getty Images

9. Jack Black and a panda?

Handout / Getty Images

10. How about Shaq and a panda?

STR / Getty Images

That’s some GEICO-sized delight right there.

11. Kim Kardashian and an emu?

12. Denise Richards and a parrot?

13. Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and an elephant?

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

That Pattinson sure does love animals… except werewolves, of course.

14. Henry Winkler and a penguin?

Handout / Getty Images

15. Anna Paquin and a dolphin?

Handout / Getty Images

16. Or Adrian Grenier and a dolphin?

Jonathan Wood / Getty Images

17. Anderson Cooper and an alpaca?

18. Katy Perry and this kangaroo?

19. And finally…OK we know you want one more of Ryan Gosling, here he is with a rhino.

Now watch this delightful monkey dance!

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