18 Ways To Make Your Desk More Delightful

It may not be “Hump Day,” but there are many other ways to keep things fun during the work week. Try some of these ideas, and they might give you as much delight as GEICO customer service.

1. Cultivate a Zen garden with your "coworkers."

jberyer16 / Via instagram.com

The force is strong in this garden.

2. Keep a desk plant. Make sure no herbivores eat it.

perks__ / Via instagram.com

This desk is dino-mite!

3. Find inspiration from Pinterest.

alannabean / Via instagram.com

If you don’t have succulents, bunting, embroidery, a terrarium, and crocheted doilies on your desk, what is wrong with you?

4. Have everything on your desk match.

indrianiriz / Via instagram.com

Because uniformity can also give you a Zen feeling.

5. Hang your photos up with clothes pins.

laiwendy / Via instagram.com

If meetings don’t give you delight, maybe the darling faces of your children/friends/significant other will? C’mon. You can brag about them.

6. Make use of your window seat with a solar powered desk toy.


Sunlight makes your body happy, and your toys happy!

7. Decorate your desk area with little figurines. They can keep you company.

Bonus points if they were made on a 3D printer!

8. And if you don't have any toys, you can always make one with your binder clips.

mbakalski / Via instagram.com

You could make a binder clip army.

9. Hedgehogs are adorable. And great as paper clip holders.

jess_missun / Via instagram.com

A real one might be more trouble though.

10. Dogs are excellent tape dispensers.

toriaw / Via instagram.com

Who knew tape could be so delightful?

11. And wouldn't you know? Fish are excellent at stapling.

nanoumel37 / Via instagram.com

And now your papers are all in a row.

12. You can turn your desk into a SAFARI!

Ben Rosen

It’s the latest craze.

13. Add googly eyes to all of your desk supplies.

sarita_vr / Via instagram.com

Everything is 10x funnier with googly eyes.

14. You might not even mind taking notes if this is your case.

meganshiree217 / Via instagram.com

15. Set up an impromtu game of desketball.

nastynedxd / Via instagram.com

Loser has to buy coffee.

16. A DIY catapult is super delightful!

ace_one_three / Via instagram.com

(But maybe not for your target!)

17. In a pinch, horsehead masks can make any meeting eventful.

Joseph Lin/BuzzFeed

Your Office Literally Owns (This).

18. And if all else fails, put a cat on your desk.

sarahmgee / Via instagram.com

And now you're happier than a camel on Wednesday!

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