17 Reasons The First Day Of School Was The Absolute Best

Forget all the expensive gadgets! This is why going back to school was delightful. It’s almost as delightful as the customer service you get from GEICO. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

1. You got to show off your brand-spanking new Trapper Keeper.

MarilynMeredith / Via etsy.com

The Velcro was still intact and everything.

2. AND your matching folder set.

Ace Armstrong

Flickr: inhisgrace

Justin Taylor

Flickr: bludgeoner86


Gotta keep those loose-leaf papers organized!

3. AND your composition notebooks were untouched and immaculate.

Still looks cooler than a tablet.

4. Your crayons looked pristine and perfect.

Kate Ter Haar / Via Flickr: katerha

This can only happen on the first day of school.

5. And your mom made you a very special lunch in your brand-new lunch box.

6. Although, you secretly wished it was this.

Hey, the first day deserves something awesome.

7. Everybody got a peek at your fancy new pens.

lissettgunz / Via instagram.com

8. You were the envy of your entire class with this bad boy.

9. The first day is when everyone showed off their pencil topper collection.

Amazon / Via amazon.com

You know, before they were all lost or stubby from use.

10. Some toppers were more elaborate than others.

11. It was YOUR MOMENT to show off your pencil grippy.

And maybe do a tradesy. Maybe.

12. You stored all of your treasures in your super awesome pencil case.

Ebay / Via ebay.com

13. And sharpened all your new pencils with this beauty.


14. The first day meant making brown paper covers for your textbooks.

And not an expensive case for your e-reader.

15. And customizing them with scented markers was the best part!

Mmm, everybody loves the smell of burnt marshmallow on their math book.

16. Not only were the markers scented, the erasers were too.

amasan10 / Via instagram.com

17. And at the end of the day, you packed everything up in your initialed backpack. Thanks mom!

LL Bean / Via llbean.com

And the best part about the first day of school: no spelling bees. And no chance to mess it up.

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