17 Delightful Ways To Make Your Book Collection More Interesting

Books are meant to be read, and displayed beautifully. A great bookcase is super delightful, just like GEICO customer service. Get ready for some literary eye candy.

1. Books are for super heroes…

Riding on a comet / Via Flickr: ridingonacomet

2. And space heroes too!

WhittledInWood / Via etsy.com

This amazing bookcase is made by Whittled In Wood.

3. No room for all your books? Utilize every nook and cranny. Like under the stairs.

4. Seriously. If you have open wall space, put a book on it.

REX USA/Ming Tang-Evans / Rex

5. They don’t even have to be placed right side up.

Zifeng / Via etsy.com

6. For those who are overwhelmed by the thought of a book wall, how about a floating book shelf?

Smart Furniture / Via smartfurniture.com

The perfect minimalistic illusion for your abode.

7. Or for something quirkier, try a spiral bookcase.

briannakufa / Via etsy.com

8. A simple DIY bookcase can be made with a ladder and some wood planks.

tycinda / Via instagram.com

Show that off on Pinterest!

9. Book lovers never go to bed alone.

KnotsandBiscuits / Via etsy.com

10. Books are boatloads of fun.

Wendy Harman / Via Flickr: quirky

11. Yes, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

kirandulo / Via Flickr: kirandulo

12. With this shelf, you can read under a tree anytime you want!

G&F / Via gef-mobili.com

13. You can even make yourself a literal book tree.

mundanefairy / Via instagram.com

14. Here’s a fun way to alphabetize your collection.

Kayiwa / Via kayiwa.fi

15. Let’s not go about this in a roundabout way. Books are awesome.

REX USA/Ray Tang / Rex

16. Love books AND cats? Why not have a place for both?

Urban Cat Design / Via urbancatdesign.com

17. And if you don’t really have books (or you’re an e-reader type of person), just use your shelves for cats.

Rikki’s Refuge / Via Flickr: rikkis_refuge

If you display your books with pride, you’ll be happier than a camel on Wednesday.

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