16 Happy Music Video Moments You Might Have Forgotten About

Remember a time when music videos were the only thing to look forward to after school? GEICO does. Here’s a few amazing moments you probably forgot about to make you happier than the live audience during TRL.

1. Remember the wandering milk carton in Blur's "Coffee & TV"?

2. How about when Weezer was transported back to Happy Days?

3. Or the time The White Stripes became Legos for "Fell In Love With A Girl"?

4. Remember when Christopher Walken rocked to the sounds of Fat Boy Slim's "Weapon of Choice"?

5. Remember when N'Sync were ghosts for some reason?

6. Or when Andre 3000 was the entire band in "Hey Ya!"

7. Alanis was also happy to hang out with herself on this awesome roadtrip.

8. Remember when Farrah Franklin was in Destiny's Child? And they did this move in "Say My Name" that you wanted to last forever?

9. How about when Sisqo did that ridiculous backflip into a human pyramid?

10. Brandy and Monica fighting over what's on the TV in "The Boy Is Mine" was pretty hilarious.

11. And remember when Britney was on top of the world?

12. Nothing happier than watching Chris Kilmore spin the turntables in this Incubus music video. Remember him?

13. Or the time The Red Hot Chili Peppers turned into a video game and surfed on sharks and stuff.

14. It's literally impossible to rain on Will Smith's parade in "Miami."

15. Remember how happy the drummer was in "One More Time"?

16. Just as happy as the dancing Bumblebee in Blind Melon's "No Rain," that's for sure.

Eddie Money knows how to stay happy, too, even though he isn't making too many new music videos anymore.

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