16 Delightful Ways Pets Try To Get Your Attention

These furry little friends are always inventing new ways to get you to listen. The attention of GEICO customer service is never more than a phone call away, but you can’t always be paying attention to your pets. Sometimes they need to take action.

1. Sometimes they unexpectedly just pop out to say hi.

katielmoore / Via instagram.com

2. Or pop up. Or through. Or over. Or under.

piperandezra / Via instagram.com

3. And sometimes they just go for the more direct approach.


4. Or the REALLY direct approach.

jessbecause829 / Via instagram.com

5. Or occasionally they’ll just give you a look. Like “The Heart-Melter.”

Katie Brady / Via Flickr: cliche


6. “The Heart-Melter 2.0” with a chin-on-leg finish.

mnlpham / Via instagram.com

7. Or “The Soul-Tickler”: a close-up-to-face-in-bed tactic.

Phil and Pam Gradwell (to be) / Via Flickr: philandpam

Bonus points for waking you up.

8. Or the “Sneak-Peek”: hit them with an adorable chin-on-leg face while they’re in the middle of something else.

karmanx / Via instagram.com

9. Sometimes they make sure their hair is JUST RIGHT before they say anything.

Lookin’ good, kitty.

10. Sometimes they strategically position themselves in between you and chores.

tpyle90 / Via instagram.com

Laundry is definitely second to CUDDLING.

11. Every now and then they get a little peeved you’ve been playing games on your cell phone for like, two hours.

12. Or your tablet.

shoshiep / Via instagram.com

How about “purrs with friends”?

13. Sometimes they just go with the tried and true “if-you-hate-it-then-you-probably-should-just-sit-on-it”

futuretownie / Via instagram.com

All the single kitties.

14. “Oh I’m sorry, were you reading and not scratching my head?”

lauren_raf / Via instagram.com

15. “Mmmm yes, important email messages can wait for this epic back scratch you’re about to deliver.”

16. But sometimes, all they need to do is smile.

katetrotman / Via instagram.com

If only they could just tell us why they’re so excited.

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