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15 Infectious Smiles That Will Brighten Your Day

Get ready to turn that frown upside down. These smiles are so contagious that they'll almost give you more delight than GEICO customer service. And besides, you're never fully dressed without a smile!

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Here we go!

1. The Hoppy To See You

2. The Itty Bitty Baby Laugh

3. The "Tongue's Out, Fun's Out"

4. The "I See What You Did There And Stop"

5. The Smiles For Miles

6. The Double Grin-bow


All the way! OMG. What does it mean?

7. The Bub-bly Overdose

8. The "Surprised, But Pleased"

9. The Hoppy To See You 2: Hare-ier Than Before

10. The "Yeah, That's Right"

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11. The Retractable Tongue-To-Grin Combo

12. The Chilin' Like A Villain

13. The "Dump That Grump"

14. The "Peekaboo I See You"


15. The Extreme Tickle Wiggle

And finally the "OMGILOVECARRIDESSOMUCH." The most delightful smile of all.

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