15 Dogs Who Would Make Terrible Spies

They sure are cute, though. GEICO wants you to be delighted every day. So observe these not-so-clandestine canines as they attempt to be the next James Bark.

1. The first rule of spying is YOU CANNOT BE SEEN.

Sharon / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: sharonann

2. Stealth is key.

3. Nature can provide excellent cover.

David Lisbona / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: dlisbona

4. Use it to your advantage.

The Image Bank / Getty Images

5. And you should always know when you’re being watched.

6. You must always mind your surroundings.

8. If you need to, use a realistic decoy.

audrey_sel / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: forbiddendoughnut

9. You must be able to see through deception.

10. You must be able to use deductive logic.

11. You’ll need a deft hand when in enemy territory.

12. And once you’ve gotten what you were looking for, you’ll need to be able to hide at will.

Thomas Lillis IV / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: ct_barbarian

13. You must think before you act.

14. A plausible disguise is essential.

Digital Vision / Getty Images

15. And last but not least, be sure to cover your tracks.

P.S. Always be sure to bring the right equipment!

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