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15 Animals You Wish Were Your Coworkers

You might love your office, but you can't deny that these would be some of the most delightful coworkers ever. GEICO customer service leaves you as delighted as you would be to stroll into work and find these furry friends occupying all the cubicles. Go beyond Business Cat and meet your new office.

1. This receptionist cat that always gives you a high-five as you walk in. WELCOME TO WORK, MY DUDE.

2. This Senior VP of Birdness Development, who can tell you the secret of keeping that hair REAL FRESH first thing every morning. Impress those clients.

3. This catssistant who knows how to properly fill a mug. Now we're ready to work.

4. This Regional Pandager who would never drop the ball like Jeff did. JEFF! It's OK Jeff, keep trying.

5. And Mr. McFluffington down in sales. He is also a Catsseusse on the weekends! He knows how to help you unwind after your meeting.

6. This Stingray, who flips when you show him a ridiculous e-mail from Human-Ray-sources?

7. This Red Panda, who knows how to tackle any project.

8. This Duck who knows the right thing to do with that 1000 page memo.

9. This little penguin who always drops the .... JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Don't lie, you'd love to work with him too.

10. This Chief Hoperating Officer, who just read a report about Jeff again.

11. This wingman, who helps you get through the afternoon with a little excitement and a little java in the break room.

12. This Operations Section Chimp, who always knows a few tricks to getting your work done.

13. Don't forget this very dynamic Meerkating department.

14. How about Whiskers the intern? He can help if things get hairy.

15. And finally, this fat cat who sits on the board, because he's really down to earth and sends you YouTube videos of cute puppies all day.

It would also be nice to have one more pal, you know, who reminds you what day it is.

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