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14 Ways You Can Stay Happy Every Day

Happiness is a state of mind. To obtain the perpetual delight of GEICO customer service, follow these simple steps.

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1. Look at this cat in a snake hat.

Takashi Hososhima / Via Flickr: htakashi

2. Remember:

3. Pretend you're this corgi.

4. Remember to smile.

rikkis_refuge / Via Flickr: rikkis_refuge
Liz West / Via Flickr: calliope
Taro the Shiba Inu / Via Flickr: _tar0_
Yuya Sekiguchi / Via Flickr: yuyasekiguchi

5. Listen to this charming GIF.

6. Imagine this Gorilla brought you these flowers.

Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA

7. Start conversations like this.

BigDogLittleDog / Via

8. Keep this in mind:

Christine Bothwell / Via

9. Think about Beyonce.

10. Let these guys wink at you for a second.

Ted O-Rama / Via Flickr: 73179380@N00
psyberartist / Via Flickr: psyberartist
Bad Apple Photography / Via Flickr: h-productions

11. Now imagine this pig playing a song for you.

Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA

12. Maybe while you watch this cowboy monkey ride a dog.

Dan Callister/Rex Features/Rex USA

13. You're right, true happiness would be a cowboy monkey riding a dog IN FAST MOTION.

14. And always remember to dance.







GEICO hopes all your days are filled with delight!

And if you want to stay happy every night, these antelopes can help you get started.

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