14 Hibernating Animals Who Haven't Seen You For Awhile

Spring is here, and these animals are just now waking from their winter slumber. They're so happy to see you, and so is GEICO! Say hello to your friends. It'll make you happier than a hedgehog taking a bubble bath.

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1. This frog


This frog has been M.I.A. all winter, but he wants to let you know that not only did he miss you terribly, he's so happy to see your face. That makes up for it, right?

3. These baby bats

Luke Marsden / Newspix / Rex USA

These little guys were snug as a bug in a rug for the winter. They're sorry they never called but are ready to make up for lost time! Won't you join them?

5. This chipmunk


Little did you know, this chipmunk was going nuts missing you. Now she has a chance to share her new peanut brittle recipe. (She's super into DIY now.)

7. This groundhog

Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

This groundhog had a very busy February predicting the weather, but he's mostly glad he gets to see you. You are all the sunshine he needs in his life.

9. This raccoon

John W. Warden/Rex USA

This little scoundrel decided to give you a surprise visit after an ice-cold winter!

"Shall we get some snacks? Raid a couple of picnic baskets? My treat."

And if you are more of a night person, talk to these antelopes.

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They don't hibernate because of their night vision goggles.