11 Delightful Animals That Won 2013

2013 has come and gone, but these cute lil critters will remain in our hearts forever. GEICO wishes you a happy New Year by looking at some of the most delightful faces of the past 12 months!

1. Hedgehogs

Tiffany Bailey / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: xshamethestrongx

There’s no denying an explosion in the internet popularity of these lil critters this year. There was even an explosion of interest in Hedgie-con.

2. Celebrity Cats

Will Herring / BuzzFeed

From Lil Bub to Colonel Meow, the internet obsessed over famous felines of every size, shape, and signature accoutrement. Some of them are so popular, they’ve even seeped into traditional media. Grumpy Cat won a lifetime achievement award this year!

3. Sloths

The sloth had a huge year, from animated GIFs to Etsy gifts. Sloths aren’t just a cuddly animal, they’re a way of life.

4. Doge

Some might even refer to it as the Year of the Doge. The internet’s most beloved meme of 2013 was rooted in this adorable shibe’s pensive face. Read all about it.

5. The Pug

Iquelopacho / vine.co

Others might argue it was the year of the pug. Really, Vine owes a lot of its success to these guys.

6. Yelling Goat

Goat was the breakout musical animal star of 2013, being featured in no less than a dozen remixes, including this famous guest verse on Taylor Swift’s “Trouble.”

7. Baby Goats


Not to be outdone by their louder elders, baby goats aimed to make everyone’s year a little bit cuter.

8. The Awkward Animal

The awkward animal basically stole our hearts AND our minds this year. And if awkward cats aren’t enough, look at all these awkward dogs!

9. Micro Pigs

REX USA/Richard Austin / Rex

Micro animals also had a big year, but none so adorably large as these tiny porcines. Make sure you see them all before you do anything else today.

10. Gucci, the Cat in Tights

REX USA/Dan Sorensen / Rex

In 2013, a legend was born.

11. Best Friendimals

REX USA/Craig Borrow/Newspix / Rex

Just read these incredible stories and try not to feel your heart explode in your chest. 2013: the year of friendship and love.

Oh, and don’t forget: CAMELS.

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