10 Ways To Ensure You Always Have A Delightful Day

The best way to approach things is with a positive outlook. GEICO customer service knows that. So when you’re feeling like a storm cloud is about to descend on your head, just read this post!

Why the long face, friend?

You’re having a bad day??

Well we have some advice for you.

If your day looks like this:

You don’t have to feel like this:

Pick yourself up, and follow these instructions.

Don’t wake up like this!

1. Wake up with a positive attitude!

Some science that we totally just made up says that your brain decides what kind of day you’re going to have in the first five minutes. Think positive!

When this happens:

Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

Mixed race woman getting splashed by car

2. Own the moment.

It’s funny! Dance! Pretend you’re in a movie!

Is work dragging you down?

3. Find something you really like about it, even if it’s small.

Work? School? Jury Duty? There’s always something to look forward to, even if its a just a shiny inanimate object.

4. Take a second to look around you! There’s cool stuff everywhere!

So much anger and confusion can be cleared up by taking a moment to just observe your surroundings. Unless of course you’re in a top secret space jail, but even then, “space jail” is a pretty cool place!

Even the city is beautiful, with the right perspective.

5. Turn awkward moments into opportunities.

Crack a joke! Make new friends! Have a laugh! Nothing breaks the tension of an overcrowded elevator quite like laughing about it with a new friend.

6. Remember to smile.

It feels good to be nice, just ask the friendly voices of GEICO customer service!

7. Look for the humor in every situation.

JTSiemer / Getty Images

It may not be obvious at first, but there’s always something to laugh about.

8. Make sure you have plenty of snacks.

Snacks: part of this balanced life.

9. Hang in there! Remember, it’s only one day.

10. And remember, no matter what:

Dumbledore always knows best.

Now let’s dance.

And repeat tomorrow! Have a delightful day!

Wait! We forgot! This kitten wants to dance too!

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