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'Hey Girl' The Truth Behind The Ryan Gosling Bathroom

Ok, admittedly, I was drinking and having a great time. Me and my other girlfriends with me decided to have a group bathroom meeting when I noticed this shrine. I did not actually use the toilet facilities in the Ryan Gosling stall because technically it is a handicapped and I tend to be respectful of that. I can't remember but I may have been in the Hello Kitty stall. Anyway, puts this on your list of must sees while in San Diego.

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The giant size Ryan on the outside of the door to paradise.....

I was in San Diego for comic con 2014 a long with many other thousands of people. Those of us who went to the sushi restaurant Bang Bang and went to the little girls room were given a treat.


Some photos within have been written on and kissed with lipstick. Now, I wouldn't recommend that but 'hey girl' when your drunk as a skunk there's a lot worse things you could do (and have probably done).

This could get MESSY.....but hey girl

It's all in good fun. Don't hate.

It's worthy of worship in its whimsical intention

Face it it's our version of porn and guys roll their eyes as we would if they had told us about a Jessica Alba bathroom. Or just a mens bathroom with Maxim magazine style pics all over it (which is fairly common). Now, may we have a Bradley Cooper or Christian Bale bathroom please?


Don't hate and don't judge. Ryan Gosling is a cultural phenomenon and I am curious what his thoughts would be on the bathroom. I'm sure he's chuckle and find it flattering. He's not only attractive but talented as well which is why we all love him.

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