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The 10 People In Your Public Relations Class

We're all in this together.

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1. The Slacker / Via

We’re starting from the bottom, I guess. This person majored in PR because they thought it would be easy. They dread coming to class and seriously regret not changing their major freshman year.

Where you'll find them: Conveniently showing up for office hours during the last week of the semester

2. The person that REALLY wants to work in the music industry / Via

They've been to more concerts than most people attend in a lifetime. They constantly dream about life at a record label and can’t wait to tell you how good the Coachella lineup is. Let’s just hope they love writing press releases as much as they love Bruno Mars’ latest album.

Where you'll find them: Sitting towards the front of the classroom with their laptop out (most likely looking up apartments in Nashville)

3. The Overachiever


They treat class like an actual job which is why they show up in business casual and turn in work so professional you’d think they were getting paid for it. As annoying or intimidating as they may be, they’re the ones you want to network with. They can probably get you an internship or at least know someone who can.

Where you'll find them: They’re so involved on campus that you’ll only ever see them in passing.

4. The one that's really really stressed


This person wants to be great, but they’ve got a lot on their plate. They’re just as busy as the overachiever, but lack the time management skills to thrive as a busy student. (We all fall into this category at one point or another.)

Where you'll find them: At the library catching up on last week’s assignments and internship applications

5. The shameless plug


This person is an ambassador for some type of brand trying to target college students. They’re either trying to sell you the product or convince you to take the internship too.

Where you'll find them: Giving their ten minute plug about their job at the beginning of class

6. The one that wants to go to law school

Via Giving their ten minute plug about their job at the beginning of class

They majored in PR to be different. They also probably thought they could coast through it and still graduate with a 4.0. Now it’s junior year and they’re completely over it. Good luck on your LSAT though.

Where you'll find them: Sitting in the back of classroom on their laptop (most likely typing law school admission’s essays)

7. The cheater

Contrastwerkstatt / contrastwerkstatt / Via

Let’s just say they “know a guy”. This person hasn’t turned in their own work since high school. Whether it’s designing a brochure, creating a website, or writing a news release, they know someone that will do it for them.

Where you'll find them: Everywhere but the classroom

8. The person that's not a PR major


They wanted to take a PR class to make themselves more marketable. They also tend to fall prey to underestimating the workload. Some come in and work hard and the others are asking the cheater for his/her plug.

Where you’ll find them: Hanging out with the other business, engineering, nursing, etc. students

9. Your professor


If your school has a great PR program, this person is probably old as dirt but one of the most connected people in the industry. They’re a strict grader and blunt af, but it’s because they want you to succeed. Want to intern at Ogilvy? They have friends there. Want to work at Google? They probably know a guy.

Where to find them: In their office counting off points on your work for all the AP style errors

10. You / Via

You may have already identified with a character or two on this list, but just remember there’s only one you. In the midst of the competitive environment, there are things that set you apart. Whether you’re a graphics guru, twitter comedian, or can network at a funeral, you are gifted, talented, and special. Now close this tab and go back to working on that assignment. See you at the next PRSSA meeting.

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