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15 Song Lyrics For When You're Throwing Shade

Smile at the haters

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1. "I ain't sorry"- Beyonce

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Sorry- Beyonce

2. "You need to cut it" - O.T Genasis

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Cut it - O.T Genasis

3. "Y'all a whole lot of things, But you still ain't this"- Drake

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Drake- Grammy's

4. "You actin' like you upgrading me, I upgraded you"- Ciara

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Ciara- I bet

5. "My bad if my ex try to fight you"- Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown

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Show me- Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown

6. " You the type of n***a make me lane switch"

tumblr / Via You the type of nigga make me lane switch

The Way- Kehlani Ft. Chance The Rapper

7. "You'll regret the day when I find another girl"-Chris Brown

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Deuces- Chris Brown Ft. Tyga

8. "Let's have a toast for the d********s Let's have a toast for the A******S"- Kanye West

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Runaway- Kanye West Ft. Pusha T

9. "IDFWU"- Big Sean

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IDFWU- Big Sean

10. "I just f****d two b*****s 'fore I saw you"- The Weeknd

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The Hills- The Weeknd

11. "You don't deserve my tears I guess that's why they ain't there"- Beyonce

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Best thing I never Had- Beyonce

12. "You was just another n***a on the hit list"-Rihanna

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Needed Me- Rihanna

13. "You turned to a b***h, who let the dogs out?" - Tyler The Creator

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IFHY- Tyler The Creator

14. "Please don't take this personal but you ain't s**t and you weren't special til I made you so"- Jhene Aiko

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The Worst- Jhene Aiko

15. "F**k You"- Cee Lo

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F**K You- Cee Lo

And above ALL, remember this

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