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11 Unbelievable Twitter Posts Made By Celebrities

Although celebrities may seem perfect, they have bad days just like the rest of us. Here are some questionable and awkward tweets made by some iconic figures.

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1. Oprah loves her Microsoft Surface...

Oprah Winfrey / Via

Oprah says how much she loves the Microsoft Surface... while she tweets from her Ipad. Unfortunately little things like this get blown out of proportion when you have a medium like the internet. If there's one thing to learn from this, always proof read before you post kids!

50 Cent goes a little too far?

50 Cent / Via

50 Cent uses some controversial words in a Twitter feud which he deletes shortly after. Not only is this offensive towards people with special needs, i'm pretty sure he also threatened to shoot someone. I'm going to say that this wasn't a well thought out post but i guess it comes with the territory.

2. Its 2016 CeeLo...

CeeLo Green / Via

CeeLo Green didn't take a bad review too kindly and decided it was alright to post this homophobic beauty on Twitter. My favourite part is when Ceelo says he respects the criticism just before he attacks the critic on a very personal level. I guess Ceelo hasn't head the slogan "don't hate the player, hate the game".

3. Someone tell Kanye direct messaging is a thing...

Kanye West / Via

Kanye truly has no shame. Not only does he contact Mark on Twitter (one of Facebooks rivals), he also asks for money on his birthday. I especially like the part where Kanye puts a 2am deadline on Mark to fork over 1 billion dollars. Classic Kanye.

4. The name's Armani, Giorgio Armani

Kim Kardashian / Via

There are few things more awkward than tweeting a company with the wrong name. Couldn't she just look at the brand name on the bottle? Good thing you're pretty Kim.

5. 2000 re-tweets... good enough.

Rita Ora / Via

Rita Ora posted this tweet while only getting 2000 re-tweets by Monday. She would later claim that some hackers posted the tweet, threatening to post her new music... Really? Next time my Instagram picture only gets 10 likes I'll blame it on hackers too.

6. Donald has no chill

Donald Trump / Via

Trump knows exactly what to say to impress the undecided voters. If this isn't presidential material I honestly don't know what is. On serious note, can someone please take away his phone and ground him!

7. Wherefore art thou spellcheck

Mary J. Blige / Via

Hmm, is spellcheck not a thing anymore? I'm going to assume she meant to say "underestimate my intelligence". If there is ever a time to make sure that spelling and grammar is perfect, it would definitely be in this post. Needless to say, this was deleted shortly after.

8. Too soon

Jason Biggs / Via!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

Jason makes a tweet that makes fun of the Malaysian flight that disappeared in 2014. If were going to make jokes about anything disappearing, maybe we should talk about his career. But in all seriousness, It was a pretty rude post and had a lot of people angry with the star. Jason has came out with an apology and said he didn't mean anything by the post.

9. The job position for head of social media just opened up

Digiorno / Via

If you're going to use a hashtag to advertise, please know what it means. DiGiorno made this tweet without knowing that the "WhyIStayed" hashtag was about domestic abuse. Digiorno has came out with an apology and is said to be sorry for not knowing what the hashtag meant before using it.

10. That's one way to voice concern

Christine Teigen / Via

Although Christine was trying to bring awareness to the current issue with gun control in the US, this was definitely offside. A lot of people saw this tweet as extremely offensive and actually sent her death threats. The model was pushed to delete her Twitter account to avoid anymore hate.

11. Arguing with fans over Twitter never ends well

CeeLo Green / Via

I'm going to go out on a whim and say if someone is not coherent it probably isn't the best idea to do anything sexual. CeeLo was trying to defend his reputation on Twitter against various rape allegations. This post caused a lot of fans to voice their disgust with the star and led CeeLo to tweeting that he was sorry.

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