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Emory Move-In Day, As Told By Gifs

You’ve been accepted to Emory. You’ve picked your roommate. You have your dorm assignment. The day has finally come – you’re moving into your new home! Emory is ready to welcome you. What's move-in day like, you might ask? Read on.

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It's okay to be a little nervous.


#adulting can be intimidating, and the first day at a new school is always scary. But just remember that everyone else is nervous too, and looking to make new friends at Emory, just like you!

Campus will be incredibly crowded, so if you're driving, come prepared!


Think New Year’s Eve in Times Square meets Los Angeles rush hour. But only for a day!

Click through this interactive map of Emory before you come to help you get acclimated before you arrive!

People in colored shirts will grab your moving boxes and will very excitedly welcome you to Emory


Orientation Leaders and Residence Life staff (your Sophomore Advisors and Resident Advisors) can’t wait to meet you! They've been preparing all summer for your arrival and the day is finally here!

Go to this link to meet some of the people who will be helping with Orientation 2017!

University President Clare E. Sterk might even lend a helping hand with your moving boxes


She loves to meet new first-years, and hasn’t dropped anything valuable…yet.

Check out a recent interview with President Sterk here, and see photos of her helping with move-in last year!

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